1989 Libertate Roumanie (book cover)

A friend of mine sent me a photographic essay about the 1989 Romanian Revolution. The photographs (131 in all) are quite dramatic - whoever put them together did a great job. It is unfortunate that the archive didn't come with the names of the photographs' authors, or at least with the name of the person who put them together. If by any chance you know any of them, please email me at

As a result of distributing these photographs here, somebody from Timisoara emailed me with details about their origin and pointed out that the photographs are already available online here. Apparently, the photographs were taken by various foreign journalists and published in 1990 in a volume called "1989 Libertate Roumanie" by Denoel Paris (ISBN 2-207-23695-1). According to the volume's introduction (dedicated to the French journalist Jean-Louis Calderon), 5000 copies were distributed to Timisoara residents, and the photographers gave up their authorship rights.

These photographs are also available as a 13.42Mb ZIP archive.

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